By William Wolf

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The York Theatre Company has unfurled as part of its Musicals in Mufti series a revival of the 1976 show, “Starting Here, Starting Now,” a revue with music by David Shire and lyrics by Richard Maltby, Jr., and the result is delightful.

Not only does Maltby, Jr. astutely direct the show, but one of the three winsome stars singing the generous array of numbers is the lyricist-director’s daughter, Charlotte Maltby. She’s a knockout of a performer with a lovely voice, deftness with comedy and possessing the ability to move with flair and sexuality. She can excel with a ballad like “Autumn,” amuse as a woman singing “I’m Going to Make You Beautiful” in front of an imaginary mirror or perkily cavort with co-stars Krystal Joy Brown and Bobby Conte Thornton in “One Step.”

Brown is also a treat, cute looking, flaunting sexy body language and flashing an actress’s ability to put a dramatic spin on whatever she sings. She also belts frequently with plenty of strength, although, at least to my ears, some belted high notes wander a bit off the mark. But overall Brown is terrific and a boon to the show, as with her solo “Crossword Puzzle” or teaming with Maltby in “A Girl You Should Know.”

Thornton, the male in the threesome, is also appealing, He has leading man chops, and in addition to an effective singing voice, provides the sense of fun required in a revue. He integrates neatly with his co-stars and solos well with “I Don’t Remember Christmas,” “I hear Bells” and “Flair.”

It is enjoyable to appreciate the snappy lyrics and tuneful music that came from the 1970s, and the York does a service in providing this reminder. The musical staging is by Kurt Stamm, and music direction is by Kevin Stites. At the York Theatre at St. Peter’s, 54th Street and Lexington Avenue. Phone: 212-935-5820. Reviewed March 14, 2016.


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