By William Wolf

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If I were a woman who never had an orgasm, I might find something of interest in “The Oh in Ohio.” Not being in that category, I found nothing to relieve my boredom. Parker Posey stars as Priscilla, an Ohio businesswoman who has repressed her lack of “ohs” in what passes for her orgasm-less sex life. But Paul Rudd as Jack, her husband, is fed up with banging away to no avail, and he moves into the garage of their home.

Priscilla is hard to believe as an otherwise sophisticated woman who says she has never masturbated and is shocked at the idea of vibrators. However, once she is tipped off as to potential pleasure, she buys one and virtually falls in love with it. The orgasms she gets are so powerfully lasting that she still gets them while making a project presentation at her office. Priscilla goes to a class where women are urged to get in touch with their vaginas, a class led by an overbearing woman played by Liza Minnelli in a sadly embarrassing performance.

So who can finally lure Priscilla away from self-stimulation into whopping satisfaction in a real relationship? Why it is none other than Danny DeVito as Wayne, the pool builder, who plows the territory with gusto.

If you are ready for all this, good luck. The screenplay by Adam Wierzbianski isn’t funny enough for comedy, not witty enough for satire and too dopey for seriousness. Director Billy Kent dutifully tries to make it work, as do the cast members, but the film doesn’t, shall we say, come together. A Cyan Pictures release.


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