By William Wolf

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President Donald Trump’s actions are often so zany in themselves that they defy satire. “Me the People” solves that problem by satirically taking on his administration, policies and other targets involved in our world of Trump, as well as the president himself. The result is is often downright hilarious, thanks to the blend of clever lyrics and song parodies, and especially thanks to the four exceptionally talented, very funny and inventive performers who assume a rapid-fire variety of identities. For the show’s overall style think “Forbidden Broadway.”

For openers we get the founding fathers tearing up the constitution with the implication of that’s what Trump is busy doing. For a closer, we get the wonderful, versatile Mia Weinberger doing a riotous impression of an angry Hillary Clinton singing a “F-You” song aimed at just about everyone, and including a lyric that says “Comey can blow me.”

The show, which should have a substantial run (one cast member promises it will continue until impeachment), was conceived by Jim Russek, Nancy Holson and Jay Falzone. Holson did the book and lyrics, with musical direction and arrangements by James Higgins, who does the hefty piano accompaniment and occasionally chimes in with his voice. Direction and choreography is by Falzone. In addition to the aforementioned Weinberger, the others in the superb cast are Aisesha Alia Dukes, Mitchel Kawash and Richard Spitaletta.

One clever adaptation takes a “The Sound of Music” number and changes it to “How Do You Solve the Problem of Korea?” Good use is also made of “The Sound of Silence.” A satire of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner is served us by way of their singing and dancing hilariously to “Good Morning,” lifted from “Singin’ in the Rain.” Kushner also comes in for laughs when depicted seeming quite lost trying to broker Israeli-Palestinian peace.

In one sketch Sigmund Freud rants about Trump being just plain crazy. The revue demonstrates the ability to be up to date. The official opening night when I attended came on the same day of Trump’s infamous sexist tweet against Mika Brzezinski, and a reference was worked into the show. Melania Trump, with stress on her accent and bland demeanor, also comes in for a very funny ribbing.

Spot on impressions of Richard Nixon (he advises “Do It Your Way”) and Bill Clinton are included. The wide-ranging sketches and character assortment involve rapid changes of costumes and wigs. Credit colorful costume design to Stephen Smith and imaginative wig design to Kathy Pecevich. The political fun and catharsis provided by “Me the People” can be had at The Triad Theater, 158 West 72nd Street. Phone: 212-279-4200. Reviewed June 30, 2017.


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