By William Wolf

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As someone who lives in Manhattan, I go on obliviously hoping for the best with the knowledge that the Indian Point nuclear plant is only 35 miles away. But periodically there are reports of problems at the facility and always lurking is the fear that if a catastrophe occurs the effects on our area would be devastating.

Gratitude is owed Ivy Meeropol for laying out the hazards in her fascinating, very timely documentary “Indian Point.” She is meticulous in examining the nuclear plant and the arguments against continuing to use it as well as the arguments by those continuing to defend it.

We are taken inside the facility, to which she has been given extraordinary access, and get to see what the place is like. We hear from those involved in the plant’s operations. Best of all, the issue of danger is laid out before us. If we need any convincing about the problem confronting us, Meeropol includes vivid examples from the horror that struck Japan with the Fukushima disaster.

Yes, our area gains from electrical power generated by Indian Point, although just how much is disputed. From what Meeropol presents, despite the arguments of those who say the plant is safe and necessary, one can conclude, as I do, that assurances aside, it is the heart of foolhardiness to have a nuclear plant in the midst of such a highly populated region (some 50 million people live in the area) no matter what energy gains it can provide. It would seem that he mere possibility of a significant accident should result in the plant’s closing.

The film is especially timely in that efforts are underway to license the plant for another 20 years. Responsible documentarian that she is, Meeropol carefully gives us the facts in a film that should be widely seen. The rest is up to those with the power to act on them and to the public that should be more vociferous in demanding protection from the enormous risks being taken. A First Run Features release. Reviewed July 8, 2016.


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