By William Wolf

LONG SHOT--THE KEVIN LAUE STORY  Send This Review to a Friend

What are the odds against a guy with one arm playing basketball?

This uplifting film, directed by Franklin Martin, is the true story of a courageous young man who successfully defied the odds. Kevin Laue was born with his left arm ending just below the elbow. Yet he yearned to play basketball.

A high school coach had faith in him, and Kevin fulfilled his dream to go on to college ball and become the first one-armed player in NCAA Division One. Watching Laue in action is to savor style and technique as well as courage. He is a master at handling a basketball with his right hand, taking accurate shots from all angles, and using the left stump as an aid in helping to control a ball.

Laue has a height advantage. He is six foot nine, a good height for dominating other players. But what registers especially in what we observe in his determination.

The film informs us of Laue’s personal life as well, notably the early death of his father and the grit and devotion of his mother in pressing ahead to help Kevin fulfill his goal. She became the anchor in his life, but the film also shows the bond he feels with his father and the desire to live up to the standard his dad set.

There are other stories of handicapped individuals overcoming odds, but the saga of Kevin Laue stands in its own unique, fascinating way.


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