By William Wolf

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Up-front advertising is one way of bluntly influencing consumers. But director Jeff Warrick is concerned with more than directness. He is targeting a broad spectrum of how various techniques are used to invade the public consciousness, or subconscious, and thereby sway what we perceive and believe.

Although some of what we see on screen in scattershot, the total effect of the film is to make us aware of how much we are subliminally influenced.

Warrick piles on illustration after illustration, some of the points more penetrating than others. But the potential for distortion and mind manipulation is great in the over-all way in which our brains are steadily assaulted.

The title "Programming the Nation?" has a quesiton mark, but there is really no question at all that the public is a mass target. Nor is there a question that Warrick has hit on a vital topic and performed a public service by exploring it to help us understand the implications of what is steadily occurring. Released by International Film Circuit.


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