If you are familiar with shoe chic, you should have heard of Manolo Blahnik, whose shoe designs have captivated women indulging in high fashion. Michael Roberts, a writer and editor, has put together what amounts to a documentary tribute to the Spanish Blahnik, who was born in the Canary Islands and is now 74 years old.

The odd subtitle stems from his childhood playing, which already demonstrated his interest in design. The film ranges through his life and achievements, and follows his renown in in the fashion world.

Rest assured, the film pays close attention to what his shoes look like and why they have achieved status among women who like to show off their footwear, generally with spike heels.

Manolo’s colorful personality shines through, and we see him in his factory paying close attention to what’s going on. It is clear that he has enjoyed the creative design process and takes pride in his work.

We also meet those who appreciate what he has accomplished, including the eminent fashion authority Anna Wintour, designer John Galliano and various others. (As you might expect, the prices for Manolo’s handiwork are high--an online check shows one model for more than $1700. But one can also find some discounts available for online orders.)

Manolo maks an interesting subject, especially for anyone interested in fashion and the design and production of colorful, elegant shoes. A Music Box release. Reviewed September 16, 2017.

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