Even with Glenn Close in the cast, writer-director Damian Harris can’t make “The Wilde Wedding” more than a character-crowded mess that has some amusing moments but comes across as a cliché.

Close plays Eve Wilde, an aging movie actress, who is about to be married for the fourth time in an elaborate bash on an estate in New York, with a huge retinue of guests invited for the celebration. The husband to be is a writer, Harold Alcott, played by the venerable Patrick Stewart. Eve is troubled with some last minute doubts.

Stimulating the doubts is the appearance at the event of John Malkovich as actor Laurence Darling, to whom Eve was previously wed. Darling exhibits more mischievous charm than the new intended. One can easily predict the course the film will take, although one might not predict that Harold will have a fling with a sexy young woman and further the plot.

The romantic comedy is colorfully filmed, even though the tale will lead to the inevitable re-pairing of Eve and Laurence that we can see coming. The guests will get their wedding, although not the one they came for, and we are left with only an intermittently amusing patchwork, and the disappointment that the stars could not have been in a more satisfying movie. A Vertical Entertainment release. Reviewed September 16, 2017.

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