If Al Gore had been president, hundreds of thousands of lives would not have been lost in the blunder of invading Iraq, which he never would have done. Now, if the nation and the world listens to him, the devastation of our planet may be slowed. Gore, as a passionately dedicated environmentalist, has followed up his film of ten years ago with “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power,” a detailed exploration of the battle to forestall climate change by adopting clean energy programs.

The film, directed by Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk, stars Gore in his campaign to fight for the survival of our planet. It depicts Gore traveling the world to expound his philosophy, dispense information and even train dedicated disciples to work in the field. There is an important section dealing with his efforts in Paris to help gain the international climate agreement and specifically broker a deal leading to holdout India agreeing to sign on.

The film pulls no punches in attacking President Trump for withdrawing the United States from the accord after so much effort had been made to win that agreement.

The film is packed with information, film clips, and graphic illustrations to explain the mounting danger of a warming climate to people in many parts of the world. We are shown the dire results that have already been manifested by floods, heat waves, ice breakups and other evidence of the trend that needs to be halted.

One segment shows a Texas town, the mayor of which led the town to use solar energy. The fact that he is a Republican is emphasized to demonstrate that this should not be a partisan issue.

There is also a folksy element as we see Gore on a personal as well as political basis, as when he leads us through his home and shows off memorabilia, and when he talks to us more intimately. We also see him making his speeches, and getting all wound up to deliver his message with great enthusiasm and accenting the positive, holding out hope that things are already changing. He cites places where solar power is taking hold, and salutes the progress he sees being made.

The film at its conclusion makes an unabashed appeal to viewers to do their utmost to work toward policies aiming at acquiring renewable energy, and he refuses to be cowed by the Trump administration’s determination to reverse the forward movement of President Obama’s administration.

As I watched, I felt a terrible sadness that Gore did not become president, but felt new admiration for him as a concerned citizen and important advocate for humanity in the face of the crisis faced by the world. There is much concrete, easy-to-absorb information that he brings to us in this important sequel. A Paramount Pictures release. Reviewed August 14, 2017.

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