Murder and intrigue mesh in this convoluted detective story set amidst corruption in Egypt in the days before revolution that burst out in 2011. It is a nasty depiction of that country in terms of rampant corruption by just about everyone whom we meet.

A woman has been murdered in the Hilton Hotel, and the witness who saw the killer is a maid. Needless to say, her life is in danger as a cover-up unfolds to protect a bigwig.

The private eye trying to solve the mystery is police detective Noredin, played by Fares Fares in the tradition of the kind of detectives in noted American films. Noredin’s father is a higher up, and their relationship becomes involved in the quest for justice.

Money changes hands between various characters ever on the take and nobody is to be trusted. Writer-director Tarik Saleh keeps the action spinning as it builds toward a climax that may not surprise you. Put this one in the category of ambitious private eye films, only set in Egypt instead of in America. A Strand Releasing release. Reviewed August 11, 2017.

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