Writer-director Michael Almereyda’s documentary “Escapes” turns into one massive ego trip for Hampton Fancher, best known for his producing and writing credits for “Blade Runner,” but who also has had an acting career dating back to the 1950s and the 1960s.

Much of the film consists of Fancher, now 79, talking about his professional and private exploits. The director peppers the film with clips from Fancher’s various films and television stints, some amusing evidence of his sprawling Hollywood life.

Given the many notables with whom he interacts along the way, there are entertaining bits. Most interesting is his relationship with actress Barbara Hershey. Other romantic episodes are noted, including his short marriage to “Lolita” actress Sue Lyon.

Fancher is a good talker and the director makes the most of Fancher’s ability to spin yarns and dispense observations. But apart from the “Blade Runner” achievement (no small thing), Fancher’s career has been minor. The film gives him an opportunity to embellish his importance, and after a while the documentary grows repetitious and inflated.

However, Fancher has had a multitude of experiences, including his early adventure as a flamenco dancer in Spain, and he appears to have extracted plenty of fun from it all. His ability to colorfully communicate that often makes the close-up of his life entertaining. A Grasshopper Film release. Reviewed July 26, 2017.

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