I have only just caught up with “Spamilton,” the timely spoof of the hit show “Hamilton,” and it could go on in tandem for as long as “Hamilton” runs. Creator, writer/director Gerard Alessandrini has used the same techniques that served him well in his “Forbidden Broadway” shows—mixing takes on various shows to satirize a particular one.

The result is an exuberantly funny spoof of “Hamilton,” which poses a challenge of building an entire production with the aim of satirizing only one target. But Alessandrini is resourceful. Most of “Spamilton” consists of rap lyrics in the manner of “Hamilton.”

A special target is “Hamilton"s creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, uproariously impersonated by Dan Rosales, who almost steals the show. I say almost, because there are others vying for the honor. Nicole Ortiz is great as the female star. She has a strong voice and the ability to refashion herself in a variety of nutty numbers for which comedy skills are required.

Compatriots in the satire are Chris Anthony Giles, Larry Owns and Tristan J. Shuler, with assists from Glenn Bassett as Guest King and Dorothy Kiara as Guest Diva at the performance I attended. They are an especially amusing lot, donning assorted costumes designed by Dustin Cross, and cutting up in choreography by Gerry McIntyre.

There are moments when the show wears a bit thin from the task of keeping up the fun with a lone target instead of the many shows ridiculed in the “Forbidden Broadway” incarnations, but there are lifts from the witty rap lyric rip-offs and the talent of the performing ensemble. At the Triad, 158 West 72nd Street. Phone: 212-279-4200. Reviewed May 13, 2017.

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