If disasters are the result of climate change, it can’t be said that Fisher Stevens and Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t work hard at prevention. “The Turning Point,” sharply tuned to the massive problem the world faces, is a film they created to tackle the important subject.

The film focuses on DiCaprio, who travels the world to talk to key people with knowledge of the problem and to investigate the specific situations faced. There is one major segment in which he discusses the dangers with President Obama.

Throughout one gets an impression of DiCaprio’s sincerity and commitment as we are guided to what is virtually a climate change travelogue. The cinematography by Antonio Rossi is vivid and always provides a strong sense of place.

DiCaprio travels with an important title—United Nations Ambassador of Peace. A highlight is his address to the United Nations, in which he passionately lays out the issues and calls upon those in power to do everything possible to take steps that will halt the steady warming that poses dangers to the planet.

The documentary is substantive rather than flashy, and it leaves the viewer with a great deal of information and impressions. Reviewed November 23, 2016.

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