Fadi J Khoury, co-founder in 2014 with Sevin Ceviker of FJK Dance, spoke of the ambitious program at the Peter Norton Symphony Space Theatre on Nov. 17 as works in progress. Khoury, as artistic director, choreographer and male lead dancer of the relatively new company, envisions the aim of bringing different dance forms—modern, jazz, ballet and folkloric—into a common language of shared creativity. The concept was dramatically on display in the program selected for the Nov. 17 occasion.

The initial number, "Oblivon," which Khoury choreographed and danced in, celebrated tango and its sexuality, also danced by Elisa Toro Franky, Felipe Escalante, Harold Blackhood, Mara Driscoll and Ceviker. The accompanying score illustrated the sort of blend that Khoury advocates, a mix of the contemporary and Rachmaninoff.

This was followed by “Move,” consisting of dance inspired by African rhythms, samba and Arabic percussions, again choreographed by Khoury, who danced along with the striking Sofia Bogdanova and also Ceviker.

After intermission, there was a dynamic shift to “Mundo,” again with Khoury’s choreography, but this time highlighting Latin American social dancing and the folkloric, with jazz pianist Frank Abenante and his NYC Latin Jazz Ensemble. The impressive company of dancers made the blend come vividly alive.

FJK Dance has been gathering support, as evidenced by the large turnout for the performance, which was a benefit for the company. Khoury was gracious and enthusiastic in thanking followers and benefactors. At Peter Norton Symphony Space Theatre, Broadway and 94th Street. Posted November 21, 2016.

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