A particularly rewarding documentary shown in the 2015 New York Film Festival, “Don’t Blink: Robert Frank” explores the work of the renowned photographer and filmmaker. Directed by Laura Israel, Frank’s long time collaborator and editor, the study earns new respect for the 90-year-old man behind the camera.

The images in Israel’s film come at us in a rush, impressing with the overall variety and creativity. At times one might wish to linger longer to study the work that breezes by. Together, the fabulous visuals are a stunning testament to the Frank’s life work.

For those who do not know of his output, this is an opportunity to get acquainted. For those who have long admired him, the film is a validation. The documentary, of course, also includes a portrait Frank, his personality, his approach to his work and the tragedies that have occurred in his life.

Clips of Frank himself add to the deeply personal nature of the film, which covers his avant-garde movies and his association with notables reaching back to the beat generation era. As the broad span of his talent and achievements are embraced, a jazz score reinforces the tempo. Posted November 2, 2015.

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