Michael Moore is provocatively entertaining with his often extremely funny take on the world versus the United States. His next invasion is not a military one but a personal odyssey, American flags in hand. He plants flags in various countries that he visits with the aim of taking back to America ideas that he finds advanced and worthy to solve problems at home if copied.

As usual, Moore can be glib, but what he discovers has merit, even if oversimplified. And there is the constancy of his sense of humor and flair for scoring points. The film contains one of the funniest political jabs I have heard in a while.

In invading Norway, Moore does an excellent job in revealing the humane manner in which Norway treats its prisoners in contrast to the way in which punishment is meted out harshly in the U.S. At one prison he finds inmates even permitted to engage in politics. Then he uncorks a delightful observation What a novel idea---first you go to prison and then you becomes a politician.

The film is replete with such Moore comments. But the main substance is showing differences. He visits a school in France where the students are served what appear to be gourmet lunches in comparison with what is served in American schools.

In Italy he finds normality in lengthy vacations and Italians who are appalled at the idea of not having such breaks. He discovers an employer who professes to like paying workers more because it helps business and keeps employees happy, loyal and efficient. In Iceland he discovers that woman have made great strides in being represented in government. And so on.

One can question whether the progress he discovers is as extensive as indicated in the countries he visits. But the major points are well taken, and once again Moore is a champion of making America better. His invasions make a lot more sense then the failed military expeditions in which the U. S. has become mired at great human and financial cost. And witty Moore gives us plenty of laughs along with his views. Posted November 1, 2015.

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