C-CAP, the Careers Through Culinary Arts Program, the exceptionally worthy organization that promotes cooking in public school systems with a view toward opening career opportunities to talented students, gave its annual scholarship awards to honored students at its June 8, 2000 awards breakfast at Windows on the World. C-CAP had previously honored Tim and Nina Zagat in recognition of the 20th anniversary of the widely-read Zagat Guide. The occasion was a benefit for C-CAP on February 29, with top chefs from restaurants throughout New York City preparing food for the bash at Abigail Kirsch's Pier Sixty.

I have watched C-CAP grow since 1990 from an idea developed by Richard Grausman, founder and president, into an organization that promotes cooking education in the school systems of many cities. It provides scholarships to study at leading culinary institutions, as well as teacher-training opportunities. Each year at its awards ceremonies, students come forward to receive their honors and past students tell of how their lives have changed as a result of the program and the opportunities afforded them that have led to jobs in top restaurants and hotels. Many of the students come from inner-city schools.

Grausman, former U.S. representative of the renowned Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and the author of the cookbook "At Home With the French Classics," has dedicated himself to the growth and effectiveness of the C-CAP program, with which leading companies and philanthropists have cooperated. Grausman was honored by President Clinton in 1997 with the President's Service Award, given to those who make a difference as volunteers. Susan Grausman, the founder's wife, is secretary of C-CAP and has been a dedicated participant since the beginning.

For further information phone 212-873-2434 or visit website at www.ccapinc.org)

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