For a new appreciation of Vincent van Gogh, head for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where a different side of him can be seen in the fascinating exhibition of 113 of his drawings showing through December 31, 2005.

One can discern in these drawings the roots of some of the works for which he became most renowned. But there is also the pleasure of seeing drawings that stand on their own as the work of as supreme artist.

Also important is the choice of his subject matter, including the landscapes that held so much appeal for him. This is a most impressive collection overall, with many of the works on loan from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Wisely, the Metropolitan has also chosen to exhibit Van Gogh paintings that allow viewers to make comparisons and think about the continuity in the artist’s creative journey.

At the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street. Phone: 212-535-7710.

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