In recent years there have been filmmaking stirrings in Belgium. Hence a new program at the Walter Reade Theater--"Transcendent Realism: New and Old Cinema from Belgium," Nov. 7-27, 2002. To mark the occasion a group of directors, producers and actors were invited to New York to help promote their works, including Geoffrey Enthoven, director of "Les Enfants de L'Amour;" Thierre Knauff ("Wild Blue"); Thierry Michel ("Iran Veiled Appearances"); Dominique Standaert ("Hop"); Dorothée van den Berghe ("Meisje"); Rudi van den Bossche ("Olivetti 82") and Jaco Van Dornael ("Toto the Hero"). At the Walter Reade Theater, Lincoln Center, 165 West 65th Street. Phone: 212-8875-5600.

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