For a quarter of a century the renowned anthropologist Margaret Mead has had the spirit of her work carried forward with the showing of films related to various cultures. This month the 26th Annual Margaret Mead Film and Video Festival is being held at the American Museum of Natural History from November 7th through November 10th. Some 39 documentaries representing works from 19 countries have been chosen from a pool of nearly 1000 submissions.

In addition, there are discussions with directors and roundtable forums addressed to history and issues illuminated by the event. For example, there is the New York premiere of director Sherine Samala's "A Wedding in Ramallah," which while built around the marriage of a Palestinian couple, explores the problems related to survival amid the turbulence in the Middle East. Another film is "Benjamin and His Brother," telling of the lives of two "lost Boys" of the Sudan, who have spent years in refugee camps.

The annual event, which has become an important one in the realm of factual films about different societies throughout the world, will have some repeat screenings on November 16th and 17th. At the American Museum of Natural History, Central Park West at 79th Street. For program details phone: 212-769-5800.

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