63 UP

The series by director Michael Apted following a select group of people at various stages of their lives continues to fascinate. What began in 1964 has been continued through the years with a fresh look every seven years and is continued with “63 Up,”in which Apted’s subjects are now at the age of 63. Unfortunately one has died.

We observe via interviews with those remaining how things have been working out. Flashbacks of clips depicting them earlier in life help round out the progression. It is amusing to see them as youngsters and then look at them now.

There are differences in socioeconomic terms, and we see to what extent they have fulfilled their expectations. Gnawing at us as we watch the course of these lives may be our own introspection as we think of what has happened in our own lives.

That’s a powerful ingredient. What did we set out to do as youngsters? How did our goals shift? How successful have we been? How happy are we? Based on what has happened in the past, what is the future likely to bring?

It remains interesting to look at the people followed since the age of seven and admire Apted for his dedication to continuing to keep tabs on these lives. The result is entertaining as well as educational and provocative. We can look forward hopefully to “70 Up.” A BritBox release. Reviewed November 27, 2019.

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