Add to films about women trying to find themselves “Britt-Marie Was Here,” sensitively directed by Tuva Novotny and featuring an exquisite performance by distinguished Swedish actress Pernilla August in the title role.

For some 40 years Britt-Marie has been carrying out the duties of an obedient wife to her husband, Kent, played by Peter Haber. She is bored, and his infidelity leaves her with no reason for continued loyalty. Britt-Marie summons the inner courage to go out and look for a job.

However, it is not easy at her age to find something. When she is offered a position not many would take, Britt-Marie seizes the opportunity and heads to the small Swedish town of Borg to start work in a youth center as, of all things, coach of children’s soccer team.

Britt-Marie, who is at heart a warm and caring person as played by the wonderful August, bonds with her charges and although it isn’t a team that can be immediately turned into a winner, the spirit that she instills is a winner in itself. For Britt-Marie, there is recognition and appreciation that she has never felt, as she transforms from neglected wife into a person of her own.

We are led into feeling happy for her newly-found status, and when her husband arrives to try to convince her to come back to him, one hopes that she will refuse. Britt-Marie has been able to realize that yes, she at last is someone who was here. A Cohen Media release. Reviewed September 22, 2019.

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