The Eiffel Tower just serves as a send-off point to a tale of wine, booze and romance. Matt Walsh, playing Stuart, a bourbon sales rep who just lost his job, is at the tower vacationing with a best-friend couple and suddenly asks their much younger daughter to marry him. She is aghast at the thought, and Stuart is regarded with utter distaste.

Subsequently, on a train trip he meets the beautiful Louise (Judith Godrèche), who has a vineyard with her husband. Life looks up for the lonely Stuart, although it is soon filled with complications as the entanglement taking place in wine country hurtles into conflict.

Directed by Archie Borders and written by Borders, Godrèche and David Henry, “Under the Eiffel Tower” has its amusing and sincere moments, and one may at times feel for Stuart’s efforts to find happiness, but the film never rises to the occasion of delivering a dynamic story. The cast members are the greatest assets, along with wine country ambiance, as the film tries hard to be a romantic charmer. A The Orchard release. Reviewed February 8, 2019.

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