How long does a couple have to go together before deciding to get married? In “The Unicorn,” written by Nick Rutherford, Kirk C. Johnson and Will Elliott and directed by Robert Schwartzman, a relationship has been meandering along. But suddenly the gal and guy agree on the need to spice up their lives with some new sex.

The trigger for Malory (Lauren Lapkus) an Caleb (Rutherford) is a discovery at a 25th anniversary party for Malory’s parents. What do you know—the parents go in for threesomes. After some discussion, Malory and Caleb decide to try the same.

Although Lapkus and Rutherford are appealing in a kooky sort of way, the ensuing misadventures are strained and neither very funny nor very sexy. The concept comes across as old hat, and at times pretty stupid.

One encounter with a young woman who seems hot to trot turns out absurdly when she acts as if they got the wrong idea about her. For the film to work, it needs a much better screenplay.

As is, we must follow the lessons learned through the couple’s pretty silly journey. There is little reason to care about the crisis that strikes the relationship or the outcome. Reviewed February 1, 2019.

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