With music and lyrics by Adam Gwon, “Ordinary Days,” presented by Keen Company, is a sweet little show about people trying to connect and find their places in the Big Apple, and it is graced with likable performers. It doesn’t have great emotional impact, but it is likable in a low-key way.

Its four performers, Whitney Bashor, Marc delaCruz, Sarah Lynn Marion and Kyle Sherman, are talented and endow the characters they play with distinct personalities. The excellent singing of a wide array of musical numbers is on target, and director Jonathan Silverstein and musical director John Bell keep the show at a leisurely pace rather than trying to wallop the audience.

As the characters depicted attempt to make vital connections and cope with the every-day problems, we get such Gwon numbers as “One By One By One,” “The Space Between,” “I’m Trying,” “Sunday at the Met,” “Big Picture,” “Calm,” “Gotta Get Out,” “Beautiful” and others expressing the musical’s theme of people needing people.

The three-piece orchestra doing a good job consists of musical director Bell at the piano, Jeremy Clayton, reed and John Convertino, bass. At the Clurman Theater, Theater Row, 410 West 42nd Street. Phone: 212-239-6200. Reviewed October 30, 2018.

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